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Magic antiviral nametag? Please lah! 🙄

Today I’m going to write even more informally.
I’m sure you have received either a WhatsApp forwarded message or seen a post on Facebook saying that there is a magical nametag that can kill 99.9% viruses.

These conmen are now preying on gullible souls to believe that they have a simple solution to prevent viruses from infecting them. All they have to do, is wear a name tag with a sachet of some magical salt that emits a protective “vapor” that kills almost all viruses around them.

To make things even more sensational, apparently it has been used by some politicians to protect themselves. I’m not sure if those photos were photoshopped, or the politicians were given free samples to just try out. This is used as a selling point to drive the price of this magical name tag up the roof. The initial selling price was about RM59 and has now crossed RM100. Some have gone to the extend of doing online prebooking as most places have run out of stock.

Come on lah guys. If it was that simple, I’m sure doctors would have happily prescribed this magical nametag and everyone could go back too work. Then we could have saved the whole hassle of having a MCO to ensure social distancing is practiced to break the virus chain of transmission.

But guess what, this is clearly a scam to earn a quick buck from people who are desperate for a short cut solution to solve this Covid-19 virus pandemic. Even the ministry of health has come up with a statement to explain the scientific basis of why this is a scam.
You can read the details at :

So everyone, the lesson here is- When something is too good to be true, it’s most likely a scam!

Be safe, be vigilant and don’t fall prey to all these scams that are going around.
Verify information with a health care professional before you spend your precious savings on unnecessary “magical” items.

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