Health Updates

Covid-19 crisis. Do your part!

Covid-19 is a crisis, yet not many understand how serious the situation is. Malaysian government has announced the “Movement Order Restriction”, trusting that Malaysians would be able to handle the situation maturely, yet many have treated this period as a Pesta Balik Kampung.

Italian government also did the movement order restriction a few weeks ago, but it was taken lightly by their citizens. Everyone traveled back to their villages and then, BOOM! There’s >30000 cases and >2500 deaths. Now, they have started a full lockdown, but probably just a little too late.

Come on Malaysians, you may not understand the science of the disease and how it spreads, but just please listen to instructions carefully and don’t be selfish for your short term satisfaction.

Someone wise once said-
“It’s better to learn from mistakes others have made, rather than learning it our selves the hard way”

We have seen how China, Italy and other countries handled the situation. We know how bad this can get. Learn, listen and cooperate with authorities.

Stay home, stay safe. Do your part as a responsible citizen. Pray for all the medical health personnel risking their lives now for all of us. If we’re not careful, one day, it may be our loved one that succumbs to this deadly virus.

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