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Thread lifts. A guide to choosing the perfect lift that you need.

If you have been following the latest trends of face-lifting, most doctors and clients are moving away from conventional surgical face-lifting to a more minimally invasive procedure – the Thread Lift.

Basically, a face-lifting procedure is done to restore a firmer youthful complexion, which removes unwanted wrinkles and facial sagginess as age advances.

Compared to a conventional surgical face-lift, this procedure is minimally invasive, can be done without anesthesia and the downtime is minimal. Thus it is gaining popularity worldwide. With this being said, appropriate patient selection and the types of thread used are crucial to ensure excellent results.

There is no strict age group for this procedure, as the selection depends on the preexisting skin elasticity and the expectation of the client. However, most are aged between 30-60.

The main aims of thread lifting are to reverse skin sagging (lifting) and to rejuvenate skin. There are several brands of threads available in the market and each of them is chosen depending on the specific indication.

The threads that are usually used are absorbable, but the time it takes to hydrolyse (dissolve) defers. The threads are anchored within the deeper layer of the skin and tensioned to achieve a lift.  These threads also stimulate new collagen to form around it, which causes skin rejuvenation.

I’ve briefly tabulated these threads so that it would be easier to compare:



So remember, you can now achieve the perfect face or body lift with –





Before and After Photos:


threadlift and fat graft

I hope that I’ve cleared some of your doubts on the topic of thread lifts.

Please do contact me if you have any further questions or visit to schedule an appointment to get a consultation session.


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