Skin Health

Haze-Proof Your Skin Now !

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, where things are gloomy and dusty.  Every year without fail, we’ve been “visited” by the haze from our fellow neighbour in the east. Schools are closed, and more people are looking like ninjas walking around in face masks. 


A lot of posts are being shared on social media about how to battle the haze problem and the health issues associated with it, especially breathing problems. Interestingly, most people don’t realize that the haze isactually bad for skin too!


So here are 5 simple steps to keep your skin healthy andprotect it from the haze:


1. Wash, wash, wash!

Cleanse your face deeply with your regular facial wash, to remove all that grime and dirt that’s stuck to your skin. Pores get clogged up, and can cause a skin break-out. 


2. Keep it moist!

Now that you’ve washed your face, it’s time to lock in the moisture. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!Hydrated skin is happy skin, not to mention the layer of moisturizer will prevent all that dust from clogging your pores. 


3. It’s sunblock time!

The haze may block the sun, but it doesn’t block those harmful UV rays. Sunblock is essential to prevent sun damage to your skin. Besides, the creamy texture of most sunblocks act as a skin protective barrier – similar to what a moisturizer does. 


4. Cover up!

Don’t expose an inch – keep your precious skin covered. Long sleeves and long pants will protect your skin from being exposed to all the chemical pollutants & dust in the haze. 


5. Drink up!

Stay hydrated! Toxins in the haze gets absorbed through the lungs and skin, so drink lots of water – at least 8 glasses per day  to flush out those toxins. Water is the best option, but you can also drink some fruit and berry juices that are rich in antioxidants to boost your immune system. 


So there you have it, the 5 steps you can take to battle through this hazy season. Stay healthy and share these tips with your family and friends!


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