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“Underground” Aesthetic Practice. Is it worth the risk?

Lately, there have been many self-proclaimed aesthetic practices booming in Malaysia. Many of us qualified aesthetic practitioners have noticed this and have made reports to the authorities but still these illegal practices keep flourishing as there is a demand among the consumers.

Most of these practices perform beautification procedures and some even do surgeries in unsterile environments. We know it’s really tempting to go to these “underground” practices, as they do it for a lower price compared to licensed aesthetic practices.

Many don’t understand that we aesthetic practitioners strive to provide the best and safest treatments to our clients, thus the cost of our practice is slightly higher. We do not compromise sterility in the attempt to reduce the cost of our treatments, as we know the complications that can occur.

There was an article written in the Star newspaper recently, which highlights the seriousness of this issue.  (Website link:

Complications such as wound breakdown, abscesses and serious skin infections such as necrotizing fasciitis can be detrimental. I have received some of these cases that were done by illegal beauty practitioners, and had to treat them with long courses of antibiotics, and repeated minor surgical procedures to control the infection. At the end, the patients had to spend a lot more, and suffered both physically and emotionally due to this.

I hope that the public is aware of this issue and the complications that can arise from getting treatments from these high-risk practices. You can make a difference by encouraging your friends and family to get aesthetic treatments from qualified physicians. Remember, when there is less demand for these “underground” practices, the complications will reduce too.

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