Decoding The V-shaped face: Where botox, fillers and mesolipoloss work in harmony. (11)After a long hiatus in writing, I’m back here to give an update on the latest trending topic in aesthetics: the V-shaped face. Nowadays, we are very concerned on how we look in photos, especially on social media.

“ OMG, my face looks so fat!, don’t post that picture online!”

“ Eh, please retake this photo. I need to angle my face a bit more. This one looks too fat lah!”

“ Let me edit this photo. Cannot post this photo first. My face is so round, my gosh!”

If our ancestors heard our conversations these days, they would have probably thrown a fit. In ancient times, women with plump figures, round faces, big cheeks and wide foreheads were considered the most beautiful, prosperous and fertile.

Look how times have changed. Today’s Asian beauty standards have evolved towards a V-shape face which is similar to most Korean celebrities. A slimmer, more defined jawline and a sharper chin is currently desirable.

Many have actually undergone painful surgeries to achieve this V-shaped face in the past. But this method is slowly fading away, as many want to have a potentially reversible procedure, in case the aesthetic trend evolves in the future or if their facial features change as they age.

So what is a Korean V-shaped face?

There are a few variants, and it depends on the jawline and chin contour, which are:

  1. Slim jaw
  2. Defined jawline
  3. Sharp, defined chin

After all I’ve said so far, here’s the part where we decode the treatments required to achieve this V-shaped face:

(Please click on the links for detailed explanation of each treatment)



Each option of treatment works synergistically with each other when used in combination. This is relatively painless injectables are specially personalized for each individual depending on which type of Korean V-shaped face they want to achieve.

Here are some before and after photos:


I hope that this post has given you a better understanding on the V-shaped face. Do contact me, if you have any doubts. I would be glad to answer them!

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