Team NextMed visits a Children’s home!

As Hari Raya is around the corner, my team and I at NextMed decided that it’s time we did a little something to give back to the community.  We got together with and planned a visit to Pusat Jagaan Rumah Kesayangan, Petaling Jaya. The caretaker  – Puan Wan Nor Azlin was very welcoming when we mentioned that we would like to visit these children. She made special arrangements to transport 13 girls from the sister-branch to join the existing 14 girls in this home so that we would be able to visit all the children together.

Our team gathered household items as specified by Puan Azlin based on their current needs and made our way to the Children’s home. We felt it was better to ask before hand rather than simply buying things that they might not need. The requests made were very practical, and it eased our job as we just followed the list of items given.

We reached the home early on 11th June 2018. It was a well kept single storey bungalow nestled in the neighbourhood of section 3, Petaling Jaya. We were overwhelmed by the welcome that we received. The girls, ranging from 3 years to 12 years old came to the door to great us. They each shook, and kissed our hands and gave us their best smile. They were very well behaved and polite.

We gathered them in groups and did some artwork and played some games with them. It was very touching, to see the older girls taking care of the younger ones and helping them to draw. They may not be siblings, but the bond they have is amazing. According to Puan Azlin,the girls here come from broken homes. Most of them have single parents, or parents who could not afford to take care of them. It was a blessing to us, as we spent time talking and playing with these girls. They showed such positive energy, despite the difficulties they faced in life.

At the end of our session, we were emotionally attached to them and felt like a part of their home although we just spent a couple of hours there. These children did not demand any materialistic things when we were there, but all they wanted was some love, care and encouragement. I can see that these girls need nurturing and guidance to ensure that they live up to their best potentials. They may have broken families, but that shouldn’t be a limiting factor in them achieving success in life.  We as a community can play our part in changing their lives.

Overall, this experience was life changing to us as a team at NextMed. We believe in “Enhancing Confidence”, and yes, this one of the ways that we can do that.

Those who wish to make a difference and help this Children’s home, please feel free to contact Puan Azlin.


Address:  Pusat Jagaan Rumah Kesayangan

No. 15, Jalan 3/67, Seksyen 3

46000  Petaling Jaya

Phone number:  018 2150441


photo_2018-06-13_14-27-58Team NextMed in action


Bonding session with the girls while playing charades and doing artworks


Selamat Hari Raya, from Team NextMed and residents of Pusat Jagaan Rumah Kesayangan

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