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Feeling a lil “loose”? Not to worry, NM FemiLift is here

” Doctor. I can’t feel much pleasure during sex. Is there something wrong with me ?”

“Doctor. I accidentally wet myself after coughing or sneezing. What’s wrong?”

Does this sound familiar ? Or can you relate to this ?

Many women come to me saying they are experience decreased sexual pleasure and I have recommended NM FemiLift to them. The results have been amazing. I have briefly highlighted the points below to give an understanding on NM FemiLift and its benefits.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Also commonly referred to as “genital plastic procedure” or “aesthetic vaginal procedure”

  • Is one of the most common female genital procedures.


  • To obtain an aesthetically more acceptable genitalia
  • For an enhanced sensation of vaginal tightness and sexual gratification.

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What are the factors that cause loosening of the vagina?

Artboard 5@3x (2)NM FemiLift

NM FemiLift is a laser procedure that uses a CO2 laser to heat the tissues of the vagina at a superficial level, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in:

Artboard 3@3x (3)What are the effects of vaginal remodeling?

Increasing the tightness and firmness of the vagina and adjacent structures can significantly IMPROVE:

  • Sexual experience
  • Vaginal lubricant and sensations
  • Symptoms of urinary stress incontinence ie leaks of urine when coughing, sneezing and exercising.

Who is a suitable candidate for NM FemiLift treatment?

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Is it a surgical procedure?

No. It is a non-surgical procedure.

How is NM FemiLift performed?

The specialized laser probe is inserted into the vagina which can rotate 360 degrees. The light beam penetrates the vaginal epithelium to target the tissue where new collagen is produced.

Is NM FemiLift painful?

It is a virtually painless procedure without anesthesia or downtime. Some women might report briefly feeling warmth or a tingling sensation during the treatment. Most patients report that the treatment is more comfortable than a PAP Smear.

How long does a FemiLift procedure takes?

Average 10-15 minutes, requiring NO downtime.

What are the benefits of NM FemiLift? 

Artboard 2@3x (3)Are there any prerequisites before starting NM FemiLift?

  • Should have a normal PAP smear within a year of the first treatment.
  • Must not have any active vaginal infection at the time of treatment.
  • Must not have their period at the time of treatment.
  • Should obtain a urine pregnancy test on the day of the treatment, before starting the procedure.

Can a procedure be performed during breast feeding?


Can a procedure be performed while taking or using any form if birth control method, including pills or having IUCD in place?


How soon after childbirth can a procedure be performed?

It can be performed 3 months after vaginal delivery, to allow the body to recuperate, allow any tears or scars from vaginal repairs to heal, and allow vaginal tone to recover naturally.

Can pregnancy occur after this procedure?



Hope the above have given you some insight on NM FemiLift. Please do not hesistate to contact me for further information!


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