How to Achieve the Korean V-Shape Face?

In East Asian countries, especially Korea, having a V-shape face is the equivalent of having legs for days in other societies. The women desire firm skin and a delicately pointed chin because it shows youthfulness.

However, a common face shape among East Asians is the “SpongeBob Face” because of the wider jawbone and the bulky muscles around it. These are the masticatory muscles that we use to grind and chew food.


botox - face type 1


The “SpongeBob Face” can be a genetic trait or caused by daily habits like bruxism (teeth grinding) and clenching. Even long term chewing of hard foods like nuts can overdevelop the masseter muscles and gradually lead to a square face.

Jawline slimming using Botox is a widely popular method in Korea and is quickly spreading to the rest of East Asia. First, the Botox ‘freezes’ the muscles around the jaw. Then, because the muscles are not being used, it gradually shrinks which results in the V-shape jawline (best results come with repeated treatments).

The treatment takes less than 30 minutes and doesn’t hurt more than getting a vaccination. Except for some swelling and bruising, you will still be able to eat, talk and do all your normal routine after getting the injections. The only thing you’ll have to give up is chewing gum for a short time before and after the treatment.

So, the next time you take a selfie and your face looks overweight, but the rest of your body is not, remember that you can have the Korean V-shape face without a lot of pain and surgery.


Botox vshape-model

V-shape 1

vshape 3-NM.png

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