HIFU: The Art of Aging Gorgeously

Everyone grows old. But looking older than you really are? That’s the problem most people have with aging. Unfortunately, the first thing to go downhill as we age is the skin of our face and there are many reasons for it. Some we can control, like smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep, skin dehydration and stress. Some we can’t, like sun damage, hormonal changes and free radicals.

The face of your 20s was tight and ‘lifted’ because the skin, fat and muscle layers of your face was strong. Think of these 3 layers as the foundation of your face. Just like a building’s foundation, when it is strong, your facedoesn’t “collapse” easily. But aging makes this foundation shaky as our bones are reabsorbed by our body, fat layers shrink, and skin loses its elasticity. Eventually our face “collapses”: it droops, visible lines and folds appear.

skin layer

You feel bad about it, but not that bad. It’s certainly not worth having surgery to fix it. There are other anti-aging treatments that you could try. But! What if you didn’t need surgery to get the benefits of a facelift – or at least a subtle version of it? That is exactly why more and more people are turning to HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound).

A decade ago, having a facelift was like peeling an onion – every layer of skin needed to be surgically opened to tighten muscles, fat and skin.

Hifu skin layer

By contrast, HIFU reaches the SMAS layer without knives. It delivers ultrasound energy via probes/cartridges that targets each layer of skin, fat and muscle to strengthen it.

Mechanism HIFU

After the numbing cream takes effect, a gel is applied on your skin. It is the medium that sends the ultrasound waves to all the skin layers. The hot temperatures of the HIFU revives aging collagen strands. Thick, new strands are formed again which strengthens the foundation of your face.Some patients might feel a little discomfort, but it is completely painless and over within 1 hour.


Having a HIFU is very much like ironing a crumpled shirt. It smooths out the wrinkles and fine lines – but without looking like you did any procedures. After all, looking beautiful should be about looking like your best self.


hifu 4- watermark.png

hifu 3 water

Hifu therapy 2 -water

HIFU Therapy watermark

hifu 5 - watermark

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