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Refresh Tired Eyes

When you’re in your twenties, the last thing you’re thinking about is aging. Unfortunately, this is when the decline starts and one of the first things to go is your eyes. It happens slowly at first and you may not notice it until suddenly, you’re shocked at how haggard you look! How did these dark circles, eye bags, and lines become permanent on your face?

What is the aging eye?

To understand why we need to understand the aging eye. All of us have a natural depression between the lower eyelids and the cheeks known as the tear trough. As we age, a steady decrease of facial fat exaggerates this hollow. This causes a combination of unflattering results:

  • Tear trough deformity – the eyes appear sunken causing a dark shadow around the lower eyelid area so that a person looks tired despite enough rest.
  • Dark Circles – it can be caused by tear trough deformity or other reasons like hyperpigmentation, thinning of the skin and decrease of the skin’s elasticity.
  • Upper Eyelid Sagging Skin – the upper eyelid droops caused by the skin’s deteriorating elasticity
  • Crow’s Feet – also known as ‘laugh lines’ and ‘character lines,’ are tiny wrinkles and fine lines that form around the outer corners of the eyes.

How does tear trough rejuvenation help?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for tear trough rejuvenation and a thorough examination will determine if you are one. Tear trough deformities can be treated with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. I love performing this procedure because there is no surgery involved and the results are instant! As with all dermal fillers, the right product and doctor’s skills are important for optimal results. The right doctor is someone who understands fillers, understands the anatomy of the face and knows how to treat complications.

A successful procedure is all about technique. The filler is injected deep –  on the bone. This is a safer place to inject because we don’t have as many capillaries there. And instead of regular needles, a thin tube called a cannula is used to place the filler. It’s flexible so it doesn’t damage surrounding tissue as much as a regular needle which greatly reduces bruising. Some fillers like Hyabell Malaysia contain Lidocaine (a medication to numb tissue) so no numbing cream or anaesthetic is required.

The filler instantly creates volume resulting in a natural lifting of the facial tissue – all within 30 minutes. Your face and eyes will look brighter, fresher and more youthful.

How long do the effects last?

Tear trough rejuvenation usually lasts up to a year. It is safer this way because Hyaluronic Acid (the substance dermal fillers are made of) is also produced naturally by our bodies and our bodies absorb it over time. However, having the Hyaluronic Acid Filler inside the skin stimulates collagen production so you might enjoy some bonus long-lasting benefits.

What are the side effects of tear trough rejuvenation?

The most common side effects are slight bruising, redness and swelling which will subside within 48 hours. My patients are able to get right back to their everyday life without any interruptions.

Before and After

It’s always my pleasure to see my patients experience renewed self-confidence after this procedure.

tear trough 2
Front View: Tear Trough & Mid Face Augmentation                      
Before: -Dark circle- Loss of volume @ mid face – tiring eyes and looks –
After: – Dark circle reduction – Youthful Look – 3D more projections – sharper features –
Tear Trough & Mid Face - side
Side view: Tear trough and Midface Augmentation

Before: – Loss of volume under eyes – dark cicle –

After: -Enhancing 3D projections – Sharper features – youthful – slimmer face –

Short Video: 

Tear Trough-front
Front view: Tear Trough & Cheek Augmentation

Before: – Dark circle – wrinkles under eyes – tiring eyes & looks – sagging of mid face –

After: – under eyes wrinkle reduction- dark circle reduction- vibrant look – youthful – eyebag reduction- cheek enhancement with skin lifting over mid face-

Tear Trough - side 1
Side view: Tear trough & Cheek Augmentation

Before: – Dark circle – tear trough –

After: – eyebag reduction – dark circle reduction – cheek enhancement – sharper side profile –

Tear Trough - side 2
Side view: Tear Trough Augmentation

Before: – Dark Circle- wrinkles under eyes – tiring eyes & looks – sagging of mid face –

After: -Dark circle reduction – sharper features –

short video:


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